Renovate the Kitchen Sucessfully

Planning the work

– Make a chronological list of work to be undertaken. If there is a major renovation, priority will go to backup jobs (eg roof repairs) and improvements (various facilities, such as cooking or media room) and finally the finishing (painting).

– Evaluate the amount you’re willing to spend; contact financial organizations if you are considering a loan. Remove 5 to 25% of the total obtained for unexpected costs that will surely arise. ¬†…! This gives you a budget that will be the basis of work to a contractor whom you ask for quotes.

– Build your renovation folder with pictures from magazines and advertising brochures to express your wishes as precisely as possible to the professionals you are going to contact. – Check municipal services for regulations attached to your home. – Get all required permits. – Make contact with companies. Two or three quotes allow you to judge their professionalism and choose the best one. Make sure they have the necessary insurance. – Prefer the most detailed estimates, indicating not only the price but also the payment terms (never pay the full works or services in advance), and specifying the timing of the services.

Renovate the kitchen

РFor renovation of the kitchen.. First check the existing water pipes, and determine where you can insert new ones. Remember that, if we can bring water almost everywhere, it is not always possible to evacuate. So take advice from a professional if you have any doubts. РWhen the sink is under a window, verify that a valve does not prevent opening. РFor a gas installation, consider aerating and ventilation. РInstead use an extraction hood more effective than recycling. РKeep in mind that a 80 cm clearance is essential for the fridge, 85 cm in front of an oven, 1 m to a stove and 90 cm in front of a dishwasher. Рkeep the electrical outlets away (and adjust the meter to new devices that you install). РPrepare a light general ceiling with direct lighting that avoids shadows on the plan.